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Services, based on best practices, are consistently delivered with care and concern with the understanding that we are all looking to DO BETTER in our careers and in our businesses. We may just need guidance along the way. Expect excellence. Expect to be heard. We listen first and we listen to understand you. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and goals.


Assist individuals in identifying professional and academic goals, developing SMART goals and objectives, desired outcomes leading to career success. Products include: Resume to Curriculum Vitae (CV) conversion; a self assessment; networking strategies; career plan: leadership development; time management. Expertise in 1) public health careers and 2) Careers in Higher Education. For those who are interested in making the transition from industry to the college and university space, there are steps you can take to position yourself for success. For those who are interested in identifying civic organizations, board membership opportunities, and professional associations, there are proven strategies for aligning yourself with the best opportunities.


Training provided for faculty who would like to learn mentoring strategies, specifically for students of color or faculty who would like to decolonize their syllabi to ensure that the language, policies and procedures are inclusive and does not pose challenges for students who have been historically marginalized. OTJTB also provides reviews and revisions of institutional policies to ensure that the language accurately describes the inclusive environment.


Deliver keynotes, workshops, trainings, and webcasts on various topics. The presentation in whatever form will engage and inspire the audience, provide a fresh and innovative perspective on the topic. and provide in depth education on specific topics. There a range of topic options. Some most recent topics include: Racial Justice; Health & Well being; COVID-19 Vaccine Adoption; Public Health Impact of Decriminalization; and Diversity in Healthcare.

As I reflect on my past engagements with Dr. Patterson, I have experienced nothing short of the most authentic coaching and support needed to do my job…I was never made to feel unsupported or threatened or uncomfortable. I was always able to have honest dialogue and receive necessary feedback that I needed to grow in my position. I’ve learned so much from Dr. Patterson’s style of managing, such as servant leadership and how to engage clients in meaningful ways.”

Non profit CEO

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